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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Getting Kids to Brush and Floss

Getting kids to brush and floss their teeth can be a hassle. It helps when they know just why they are doing it, though, and getting them to take an interest in their health can lead to a lifelong trend. Take some tips from Bayberry Dental Care in Tinley Park, IL to get your kids brushing!

Like previously mentioned, kids are more likely to take an interest in their oral health if they know why they need to do it. Try finding books or videos that explain why brushing and flossing are important. Your local library or perhaps an Internet search should help you out.

In addition, choose kid-friendly dental equipment, or better yet, let your kids pick out their own. There are many toothbrushes with cartoon characters and even ones that play music. There is also toothpaste and floss that are flavored with fun flavors like fruit or bubblegum.

To motivate your child to brush and floss regularly, you may want to create a chore chart. If they brush twice per day and floss once, they get a star for that day. After so many stars, they get a reward! These can be simple rewards like cooking their favorite dinner or heading to the park.

Kids don’t always want to get brushing but with a little help, they will make it part of their daily routines. To schedule your child’s cleaning and examination with Bayberry Dental Care in Tinley Park, IL, call our office at (708) 802-8300. For more information about us, visit our website,

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rotary Endodontics for More Gentle and Quick Root Canals

In the past, root canals had the reputation of being painful. This made patients nervous and want to avoid seeing the dentist. These days, Bayberry Dental Care is excited to share that root canals are no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled. In our Tinley Park, IL dental practice, we use equipment that helps us provide quicker and gentler root canals.

To understand why this technology helps, it may be helpful to first know how a root canal is performed. We first make an access hole in your tooth to access the center of the tooth. We use a dental drill to drill into the center and remove the infected pulp. We then fill the tooth with a sealant and seal the access hole. In the past, the files used were made of steel and the drilling was performed manually. These days, we use nickel titanium alloy files that are much more flexible. This means that they will not stretch the root canal or cause damage; which decreases pain during and after the procedure. In addition, we use dental drills with these files, so the process is much gentler, quieter, and quicker.

If you are nervous about receiving treatment for an infected tooth, do not wait any longer. Rotary endodontics have provided us with a more gentle and quick way to perform root canals. To schedule your appointment with Bayberry Dental Care in Tinley Park, IL, call us at (708) 802-8300. To learn more about us, visit our website,

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Advantages of Digital X-Rays

A dental practice with advanced technology is one that is able to keep up with modern day demands and one that can provide their patients with the best, most accurate care. One of the ways we have updated our technology is by utilizing digital x-ray. At Bayberry Dental Care in Tinley Park, IL, we are able to give our patients top notch dental care because we implement top notch technology.

Digital x-ray is a way of taken x-ray images digitally instead of with past equipment that needed a dark room. This means faster appointments and more accurate diagnoses. This updated x-ray system is also safer to use for us and our patients. It uses much less radiation than previous systems.

The digital x-ray system instantly displays the x-rays on one of our monitors; no more waiting for the pictures to develop. We can then use advanced computer software to look at areas up close and even detect changes the human eye may have missed. More accurate diagnoses lead to more accurate treatment plans and better patient outcomes.

To learn more about the technology we use here in our Tinley Park, IL dental practice, contact Bayberry Dental Care by calling (708) 802-8300 or by visiting our website,

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Occlusal Adjustments for Misaligned Bites

Uneven jaws can cause problems with chewing and pain in the teeth and jaw. In addition, teeth can become more prone to being injured. Here at Bayberry Dental Care in Tinley Park, we perform occlusal adjustments so that our patients have the perfect bite!

When teeth are misaligned, the top and the bottom jaw do not meet up as they should. This can increase the risk of injury, cause unnatural wear-down of teeth, and cause pain. Fortunately, with our advanced technology, we can detect even very tiny errors in bites and correct them accurately.

Our computer technology scans the patient’s mouth and detects any abnormalities. We then attach a very fine filling stone to a dental drill and gently make adjustments to the teeth. Our system is very accurate, so we can make these tiny adjustments without overdoing it.

The end result is a jaw that feels even. The patient should be able to close their teeth without their jaw feeling lopsided. They will be able to chew food correctly and any pain associated with the misalignment will subside. In addition, their teeth are no longer being worn down in unnatural areas.

If you feel your bite is misaligned, schedule an appointment with us for an occlusal adjustment. To schedule at Bayberry Dental Care in Tinley Park, IL, call our office at (708) 802-8300. For more information, visit our website,

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Scaling and Root Planing Therapy

If you have a stubborn case of gum disease, Dr. Kathleen Falsey, DDS at Bayberry Dental Care may recommend a dental procedure called dental scaling that is accompanied by root planing. This form of treatment removes plaque and tartar from your teeth and helps your gums regain health. Root planing and scaling is one of the most effective ways to treat gum disease before it advances into something severe.

During the teeth scaling process, Dr. Kathleen Falsey will numb the gums and tooth roots with local anesthesia, but the process itself causes very little discomfort. Dr. Falsey will then use specialized tools to remove the hardened deposits of tartar from the teeth both above and below the gum line. Root planing involves smoothing rough spots on the roots of the teeth that can promote gum disease by trapping bacteria. It’s important to know that once you’ve completed a scaling and root planing procedure this doesn’t give you an excuse to practice poor oral hygiene. You should always brush your teeth twice daily and floss so that your gums quickly regain a firm, healthy, pink appearance.

If you are experiencing pain in your teeth and gums, please give us a call to discuss your treatment options. To learn more about the services we provide at our practice, visit for more information. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kathleen Falsey, DDS at Bayberry Dental Care here in Tinley Park, IL, call 708-802-8300.