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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Diabetes and Gum Disease

If you suffer from diabetes, you are especially vulnerable to gum disease. We treat all our patients with compassion at Bayberry Dental Care, and we want them to understand how their oral health ties into their overall health. In the cases of people with diabetes, we are committed to providing the support they need to keep their gums strong and free of pain, and we want them to know more about why working with us is so important.

Studies consistently show that people with uncontrolled blood sugar have elevated levels of gingivitis symptoms such as bleeding gums, redness, and soreness. The exact connection is not completely understood, but we do know that people with diabetes have a more difficult time fighting infections in general. Inflammation is the immune system’s initial response to an infection or injury. It helps to isolate pathogens, but prolonged inflammation can ultimately damage tissues. If gingivitis progresses into periodontal disease, the gums and jaw bone tissue will recede, leaving teeth loose and sensitive.

At regular dental examinations, we provide thorough cleanings that will help stop gingivitis from developing. We also provide scaling and root cleaning to remove decay from the gum pockets that patients can’t reach on their own. Despite their elevated risk, it is possible for people with diabetes to maintain good oral hygiene. Best of all, there is evidence that other diabetes-related inflammation tends to improve as patients’ oral health improves.

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